Why starting to Blog?

My Story!
This will be my place to share my own opinion(s)!
Why Blogging- I have been debating this for a long time and tried many times to start. So, this year, I will try to post on a regular basis. It will be on various topic about education, technology in the classroom, GAFE – Google Apps for Education, iOS Apps, training and much more.

So, why now? Why not! I have started to do some conferences presentations and notice that a lot of speakers have a blog. But, a lot of teachers have blogs and so are students. I started to read those blogs for learning and I did learn so much that I see why it would be a good thing to start! I do have a website for my classes and some pages for my presentations. My style is to present “how to” skills. Meaning, that I don’t have to write a lot of sentences and really try to follow the slides fundamental rule – no more than 7 to 8 words per slides! Also, like to create videos demonstrating the steps to do. That way, I was dogging my weakness! That is writing! Yes, I’m bilingual and never been a writer in my own native language, French! I’m much better at speaking and doing demos then writing. So hopefully with this blog, I will develop that skill. As they say, “lifelong learner!” I will learn how to be a better writer and share my skills on this blog.

Some article that made me think deeper into this blogging:



http://www.edudemic.com/how-and-why-teachers-should-blog/ #2 is one good reason for me!


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