Computer Science as a core subject

95% of Parents support CS in schools.

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I always like to read and see this! I strongly believe that this is way overdue and should be a part of the core subjects. It is a universal language that everyone should be exposed to. I would even go as far as saying that education ministers need to take action on this before the turn of this decade in North America. A lot of other countries have already started, so we are already behind them! How long should we debate this? Or, how much more research do ministers need to make that decision?

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This is great that parents are open to this but most of them, parents and students, Top barriers-06 (1)don’t realize the process of programming. They see Apps and want to create them “asap”. So, when they start with having a cat move across the screen with a few click it is fun for a very short period of time! A lot of people have this illusion that programming is like gaming. You get an instant feedback but what they expect to see and want to see being done is unrealistic. On the other side, if they start early they will be very good in high school. For me, that would be awesome! I strongly believe that yes, it should be as important as the core subjects.

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Giving a smartphone – to your child.

Maybe the typical conversation when adults gives a smartphone to their children: Here is your smartphone but remember, when I call, you answer. When I text you, you response.

What if before giving them the smartphone, we talk about what they can do with it:

  • This is a very powerful tool. WorldPowerSmarthphone
  • This device is 10 times more powerful than 5 years ago desktop!
  • You can find an answer to any question you may have.
  • This is a huge library of information.
  • You can create, learn a lot of stuff.
  • But, it can be a “weapon”!
  • There is a lot of bad things: information/scammers/bad people on the internet. So be careful and always check and trust your gut feeling (red flags!).
  • Use your best judgement and don’t fall for what sounds really good, really fun, really easy.
  • Make sure that what you do, write, post, comment, like is appropriate and that you wouldn’t be embarrass if I read it.
  • Always be positive no matter what.
  • When we call you, only answer if it is a good time. Do not, stop a conversation with your friends to answer. Do not answer or look at your phone while you are driving. Find a safe place, then call. We don’t expect you to answer the phone when we call. But, we expect that you will call us back when you are safe or it is appropriate and within a reasonable time.
  • When we text you, same rules as when we call. We don’t expect you response immediately. Also, do not look at your phone when you are having a conversation with your friends or in a learning environment.
  • With power comes responsibility and we strongly believe that you are responsible enough to make the right decisions. Enjoy!

Would this change anything? Would they start to use it “appropriatly”?

On the eve of starting a new year!

What’s it like to start a new year for me?

REFRESHING! – a chance to try new things – a chance to fail – a chance to learn or re-learn – a chance to meet new students and see past students… Yeah, right! I’m as nervous as the students! And never enough time to to what I would like to have ready before the big day.

As a computer teacher, I have to keep on the latest news, latest features and new updates. This summer we saw a lot of new updates and just in today! The Google docs just got a new update! That will be a cool one to have and worth reading about it here. Since being on that topic, if you are using Google Classroom you may want to add this new extension to your Google Chrome. So, as I was saying, it is changing on a regular basis. I see that as another opportunity to learn something. But, I always question if it is good for me and my students first.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”

― Heraclitus

I’m in the process of making some “changes” to my classes. The more time I spend on planning, the more I get excited to show what is new and how it will help us to achieve our goals this semester. Also, anxious to see what the students will create with those new updates.

So enough said for the moment because I really need to get back on my planning! To all teachers and students, have a wonderful year of learning and remember this: