Computer Science as a core subject

95% of Parents support CS in schools.

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I always like to read and see this! I strongly believe that this is way overdue and should be a part of the core subjects. It is a universal language that everyone should be exposed to. I would even go as far as saying that education ministers need to take action on this before the turn of this decade in North America. A lot of other countries have already started, so we are already behind them! How long should we debate this? Or, how much more research do ministers need to make that decision?

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This is great that parents are open to this but most of them, parents and students, Top barriers-06 (1)don’t realize the process of programming. They see Apps and want to create them “asap”. So, when they start with having a cat move across the screen with a few click it is fun for a very short period of time! A lot of people have this illusion that programming is like gaming. You get an instant feedback but what they expect to see and want to see being done is unrealistic. On the other side, if they start early they will be very good in high school. For me, that would be awesome! I strongly believe that yes, it should be as important as the core subjects.

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