What if… #IMMOOC3

What if? This is probably my ongoing question and never ending question! What if all students would use the tech? What if, coding was a mandatory subject from grade 1? What if, digital citizenship was a class? What if, we had a 20% project class? What if, we had 1 to 1 device district? (how much money we would save just in photocopy!) What if all our staff meetings where Flip, like the flip classroom model? What if, all students where eager to learn? What if, … I think you get the point!

I have learn that is my innovators’ question for a lot of what I do. Lately with #IMMOOC community and this great quote:


That is why I have started to write some blog post, even if it isn’t perfect! Because as George quote in one of his blog: “Perfect is the enemy of done.” That is so true but so hard for me to accept it or to do it. I need to re-read that blog post a few time! “The Paralysis of Fear” by George Couros. Which bring me to What If I start to “create” blog post and vlog about my journey of learning about The Innovators’ Mindset? What can happen?

Then, I get a notification about a YouTube video from Gary Vaynerchuk relating to all of this! Great timing! One part that really stick with me is: “Ideas are s…, Documenting is the execution…”!

What if I execute/document my journey?


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