Atelier Google en Français #gtatelier

It is a French title but will write in English!IMG_1727
Just completed a full day PD about G Suite in French for EdTechTeam. What an amazing day and a great opportunity to have done it in French. It was fun to talk about Google in French and a challenge!

Why? I have been doing sessions/training/PD for so long in English that I had to practice the vocabulary in French. But, saying that, most of the attendees are using Google in English in a French/FRIMM classroom. Which made it easier!

IMG_1724What is so special, is spending a full day with a dynamic group of teachers who are trying to integrate technology in their classroom. It is a great day when teachers are leaving with some new skills/tools to try with their classroom. I can’t wait to see what they will create in their classroom next year!

We had a chance to explore lots of G Suite platform. I would have to say that the Google Classroom was very interesting for a lot of attendees.

Oui Josée! J’ai dit la même chose! Mais, le meilleur est lorsque mes étudiants ont vue cette platform: “Why in the world didn’t we use this last year? This is 1000 times easier!” So, I’m glad to see you are on the same page!

One of my takeaway as to be the responses and interest when I showed the Google Tour Builder! We should have spent more time on this. As I mention many times, we learn every day!

Certified – Next Steps – #GooglePDWeek

certifiedtrainerbadgeWhat an amazing week of learning and updating. Again really glad to be part of the amazing group of Google for Education Certified Trainer. I did a lot of reading and learning about the ways of what is required to be part of that group. Long hours well wort it!

The first thing I had to do was to buy my own domain. That was an exciting step to have both of what I wanted available! ( and That was easy to do. The more demanding part was to create and connect my domain to my Google for Education domain. But, HUGE thanks to Louis Shanafelt (@LouisShanafelt) for creating some special tutorial videos to ease that part. Now, everything is set and ready!

Then it was time to update a lots of my sessions, resources, training, … with my new accreditation! Cool! But, still a lot to do and enjoying it. It is long hours, with a lot of reorganizing. I think that the last part is consuming a lot of my time to!

Looking forward to the upcoming week with so much happening. Continuing to learning, updating, creating and sharing! Then on Monday, starting with the WWDC on Monday morning! But, that is nothing compare to the #GooglePDWeek @GoogleforEducation Make sure to check the schedule and mark your calendar! Come and joint us and get Googley!