EdTechTeam CARC Red Deer Summit

Once again it was a great PD @EdTechTeam CARC Red Deer Summit on September 15-16. Last weekend we got two great days of learning about Google Education. We had a great selection of presenters lineup for the weekend. Like the opening, Keynotes was @JayAtwood who talked about “The instructional identity crisis”. The second-day opening keynote was Brian Hamm (@Hamm_Ed) who talked about “Live Curious, and Go Beyond _ _ _ _ _”. For closure keynote was @Sylviaduckworth who talked about “The Talent Myth”. All great message to strive for or reflect on while educating students.

A highlight of the weekend as to be the presentation from @KylieKissel with his new GeoAdventureEDU presentation. It is a mixture of multiple platforms and very challenging in all of them. My takeaway is that you have to be good at doing research online. Recognize subtle hints in the questions. Know about the history and current events. But, it is base on Geo which uses, Google Maps, Street View, and Google Earth! Got to love that combination!

Another highlight was not part of the summit but what Jay and I talked. He showed me some super intense Google Sheets Add-ons and other platforms that analyze Social Media. I will need to do some digging to have a better understanding how to use those systems. In short, it will analyze anything that you want from Social Media. My thinking is to learn it in order to show the digital footprints that we all have! In good and bad!

Last but not least the best part of that and those PD is the connections that we make with other teachers/trainers. For me, it has to be when all his done and you keep in contact with the attendees that took part in my presentations. Thank you!

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