Animation 20

Submitting work: use Google Classroom. Quick video on how to submit your work. MOMENT! – in my classes, this is what you will practice while using Google +click here and make sure to view that presentation in Full Screen Mode. Just look at the top right hand side and click on the triangle Presentation and select Present from beginning. 

Lab Rules: YouTube Video.

Course Outline for Animation 20click here.

Assignment 112 Principles of Animationclick here.

Module 1: Design Process [DES1020] [DES1910A]
Animation 20, click here.

Module 2: 3D Design 1 [DES1040]
Animation 20click here.

Module 3: 3D Design 2 [DES2045]
Animation 20click here.

Module 4: Animation 2 [COM2145]
Animation 20click here.

Module 5: Interactive Presentation [COM2175]
Animation 20click here.

1. Basic Texturing tutorial, click here.
2. Texturing using Bitmap, click here.
3. Photoshop Texturing basic, from Base, Bump to Grimes, click here.