Why? Need consequences for…

Just read an article about a different approach but looking for the same results! “Making Failure Harder Work Than Passing” by Angela Campbell. Great strategy for some students. But, as awesome as it sounds the picture is more often:Many students will avoid working hard in a class that they see as challenging because of the risk involved. If they work hard and fail, they_ve proven their inadequacy. But if they don

A question that I ask often to my students. Why do you need an “if-then” for every project we are doing? I’m asking that they show me the skills needed and they usually have an open door to how they’re going to accomplish the skills required. Then again some students choose to have me reminding them of finishing the projects.

The big difference in my case is the classes. Angela his teaching Chemistry and Physics and I’m teaching option classes. Where they can show their creative side or develop their creative bone! For those who went to school during the era of either Academic or Trades. Imagine you would have a class worth 5 credits but you are required to learn and practice your photography skills! I know hey! No need to study for hours about scientific names that are very hard to spell or you will never use in your life! Who in the world doesn’t take photos today? But, yet, it is an eye-opening to see how many students are reluctant to “redo” an assignment to get better at a skill/s. Which brings me the famous Ted Talk from Sir Ken Robinson: “Do schools kill creativity?” in some part yes I agree but I would say that students are not ready to be “creative”! More on this in a future post.

Back to the previous article to create a Map of Success! That is very interesting and will attempt to create some for my next semester.


Chromebook Shortcuts

I find this very useful every week to have those guys talk about Tips. Check this week episode about using Chromebook faster and doing some screenshots. A suggestion, subscribe to the Channel Google for Education and EDU 90.

On that note of screenshots. If you are using Google Chrome for your internet browsing. I highly recommend to use this extension “Clipular” Free and you can use your Google Account to log in.

If you are like me, using a Macbook Pro. Use these keys:

  • Full Screen Shot – “Command – Control – Shift – 3”
  • For a region of the screen – “Command – Control – Shift – 4”
  • To Paste it in the document – “Command – V” or right click and “Paste”.

All students “Participate”!

How do you get all your students involved in your classroom? Great question! So, here is another way that you can try to get more students involved. Be ready to be surprised and maybe overwhelm with some of your students!

Have you heard or seen “Flipgrid”? This is worth checking and to try. It is very easy to set up. Also, you can get a FREE account. The downside to the Free, you only get one Grid. If you get the upgrade, then you have unlimited.

Here are some slides that I use to present that can help you get started:

On the last slide – Resources – you can find a video Tutorial by Teacher’s Tech. Which is a great one to watch.

EdTechTeam CARC Red Deer Summit

Once again it was a great PD @EdTechTeam CARC Red Deer Summit on September 15-16. Last weekend we got two great days of learning about Google Education. We had a great selection of presenters lineup for the weekend. Like the opening, Keynotes was @JayAtwood who talked about “The instructional identity crisis”. The second-day opening keynote was Brian Hamm (@Hamm_Ed) who talked about “Live Curious, and Go Beyond _ _ _ _ _”. For closure keynote was @Sylviaduckworth who talked about “The Talent Myth”. All great message to strive for or reflect on while educating students.

A highlight of the weekend as to be the presentation from @KylieKissel with his new GeoAdventureEDU presentation. It is a mixture of multiple platforms and very challenging in all of them. My takeaway is that you have to be good at doing research online. Recognize subtle hints in the questions. Know about the history and current events. But, it is base on Geo which uses, Google Maps, Street View, and Google Earth! Got to love that combination!

Another highlight was not part of the summit but what Jay and I talked. He showed me some super intense Google Sheets Add-ons and other platforms that analyze Social Media. I will need to do some digging to have a better understanding how to use those systems. In short, it will analyze anything that you want from Social Media. My thinking is to learn it in order to show the digital footprints that we all have! In good and bad!

Last but not least the best part of that and those PD is the connections that we make with other teachers/trainers. For me, it has to be when all his done and you keep in contact with the attendees that took part in my presentations. Thank you!

Atelier Google en Français #gtatelier

It is a French title but will write in English!IMG_1727
Just completed a full day PD about G Suite in French for EdTechTeam. What an amazing day and a great opportunity to have done it in French. It was fun to talk about Google in French and a challenge!

Why? I have been doing sessions/training/PD for so long in English that I had to practice the vocabulary in French. But, saying that, most of the attendees are using Google in English in a French/FRIMM classroom. Which made it easier!

IMG_1724What is so special, is spending a full day with a dynamic group of teachers who are trying to integrate technology in their classroom. It is a great day when teachers are leaving with some new skills/tools to try with their classroom. I can’t wait to see what they will create in their classroom next year!

We had a chance to explore lots of G Suite platform. I would have to say that the Google Classroom was very interesting for a lot of attendees.

Oui Josée! J’ai dit la même chose! Mais, le meilleur est lorsque mes étudiants ont vue cette platform: “Why in the world didn’t we use this last year? This is 1000 times easier!” So, I’m glad to see you are on the same page!

One of my takeaway as to be the responses and interest when I showed the Google Tour Builder! We should have spent more time on this. As I mention many times, we learn every day!

Certified – Next Steps – #GooglePDWeek

certifiedtrainerbadgeWhat an amazing week of learning and updating. Again really glad to be part of the amazing group of Google for Education Certified Trainer. I did a lot of reading and learning about the ways of what is required to be part of that group. Long hours well wort it!

The first thing I had to do was to buy my own domain. That was an exciting step to have both of what I wanted available! (gillestheriault.com and gillestheriautl.ca) That was easy to do. The more demanding part was to create and connect my domain to my Google for Education domain. But, HUGE thanks to Louis Shanafelt (@LouisShanafelt) for creating some special tutorial videos to ease that part. Now, everything is set and ready!

Then it was time to update a lots of my sessions, resources, training, … with my new accreditation! Cool! But, still a lot to do and enjoying it. It is long hours, with a lot of reorganizing. I think that the last part is consuming a lot of my time to!

Looking forward to the upcoming week with so much happening. Continuing to learning, updating, creating and sharing! Then on Monday, starting with the WWDC on Monday morning! But, that is nothing compare to the #GooglePDWeek @GoogleforEducation Make sure to check the schedule and mark your calendar! Come and joint us and get Googley!



Google Certifications!

It as been a while since my last post! But, I was keeping up on Twitter and Instagram for the #IMMOOC book study. I was busy studying and passing some Google Certifications Exams! Now, I’m proud to say that I finally got three of them done. YAHOO!

What a ride it was! I’m so happy to have been accepted as a Google Certified Trainer last Friday. It was a very long wait to get the email saying that I have been accepted. But, it was worth the wait because, when I got the email notification I was jumping and my kids taught that I was going crazy! I say very often to them, that the more difficult a task is the more rewarding it will be in the end. That was a perfect example of it. I’m looking forward to learn, create and share with all of you and my PLN.

Now time to revamp my new website and start vlogging/blogging again.

Google Docs to WordPress! #IMMOOC

Did you know that you can use Google Docs “simplicity” to write your WordPress blogs?

WordPress is a platform that could be intimidating for some. But most people know Google Docs and how to edit the content.

Create a new Google Doc and under the menu Add-ons, scroll to Get add-ons… Then search for WordPress or just click here when you are log in to your Google Account. Install the FREE Add-ons. After you write a blog post in a Google Doc. When you are ready to post it, just Open the WordPress.com for Google Docs under the menu Add-ons: see the pic below. You will need to allow this WordPress to do that before posting that blog post!


What if… #IMMOOC3

What if? This is probably my ongoing question and never ending question! What if all students would use the tech? What if, coding was a mandatory subject from grade 1? What if, digital citizenship was a class? What if, we had a 20% project class? What if, we had 1 to 1 device district? (how much money we would save just in photocopy!) What if all our staff meetings where Flip, like the flip classroom model? What if, all students where eager to learn? What if, … I think you get the point!

I have learn that is my innovators’ question for a lot of what I do. Lately with #IMMOOC community and this great quote:


That is why I have started to write some blog post, even if it isn’t perfect! Because as George quote in one of his blog: “Perfect is the enemy of done.” That is so true but so hard for me to accept it or to do it. I need to re-read that blog post a few time! “The Paralysis of Fear” by George Couros. Which bring me to What If I start to “create” blog post and vlog about my journey of learning about The Innovators’ Mindset? What can happen?

Then, I get a notification about a YouTube video from Gary Vaynerchuk relating to all of this! Great timing! One part that really stick with me is: “Ideas are s…, Documenting is the execution…”!

What if I execute/document my journey?

Building Trust #IMMOOC2

“4. Share some of your best ideas for building relationships and a culture of trust in your position?”

In my teaching position, I have created a “Google Tips” of the “week” on our news hub. IOLPC_Class_-_Mongolia_Ulaanbaatar try as much as possible to share some tips in order to ease the use of technology in the common classroom. The “tips” revolve around something that I have learned that could benefit a lot of teachers in my school. Example of one is that I have been using Google Classroom since the first day that it was available for us in Canada! Since then, I have posted tips about using that platform and I did conference sessions. This year, I have created a “How to use Google Classroom” series for some who much prefer to learn it at their own pace. Another example of tip for the teachers marking student work online, can use Permanent Clipboard to create frequent use comments for essays. So, now with that my colleagues feel at ease to ask me any questions involving tech in the classroom or personal use. I believe that when we get expose to how the technology is being used with some success, more people are willing to try or ask about it.