Google Classroom – Going Paperless

Google Classroom – Just Starting

NEW: Available to everyone! April 2017

Google Classroom – Resources

  • Why Google Classroom?
      • 1. – Paperless
      • 2. – Communication
      • 3. – Click here. or view bellow.
  • Google for Education web site – Introduction to Google Classroom.
  • Google Classroom Help Center. You have the Overview, Teachers and Students tab. It shows you all about this wonderful program.
  • You can find Google Classroom – Chrome Apps, Android, iOS. Note: Android and iOS are to view and making some announcement. Students can actually include a picture for an assignment. It is limited in editing features.
  • You can find lots of video about teachers view, students view, turning in assignments, teachers workflow, …
  • Google + Communities – you can get great information or share. Google Classroom Expert community.
  • Google Classroom – Cheat Sheet! (Jenn Judkins) Student cheat sheet from Alice Keeler. Also, Alice, did a list for what you can do with Google Classroom.
  • Teaching Teams
  • Parents/Guardians.

How to import the marks into PowerSchool: