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Welcome to everything “Googley”! This will be a place where all the Google Tips/Resources that I share with my staff reside and now open to everyone. Hope you Enjoy!

Google Tip! End of the year Google Classroom

First, wishing everyone a wonderful summer break and lots of resting!

Google Classroom end of the year management! You can archive all your classroom and don’t worry all the content will be available for “Reuse”! But, if you want to have a more diligent Google Classroom management process. I would suggest to listen to this video showing you all the stuff you can do at the end of the year in Google Classroom!
Google Tip landing page! If you have miss some of them or would like to review some of them. I have created a landing page for the most recent one I did during the semester. On that note, from now on, all the Google Tip will reside in that landing page!
GT – Google Tips! = Landing page!

One File in Multiple Folders – Google Drive

The question was: Is it possible to have one file in multiple folders without having to “Make a copy”? YES!

You just have to select the file in your Google Drive and press “Shift” and “z”. Then you will have the option to put that file in another folder(s). So, this way, if you make a change to one file it will change the other.
If you want a video showing this tip: click here

Digitize Math/Science equations – EquatIO

Do not want to discriminate anyone or play favorites! But you have known those kinds of “teachers” using equations! It is super hard to find great editing tools. TextHelp to the rescue! Again, they are the creators of Read & Write, Fluency Tutor and much more.
But, why this one? Because, you can use it in Google Docs, Google Sheets and yes yes yes in Google Forms 🙂
Quick – Good to know:
– You type the equation in the toolbar and click insert (nothing new here!)
– You can write with a tablet, iPad, and it will recognize the handwriting then convert it into text!! COOL!
– You, wait for it, DICTATE the equation! (yes Petrie, it recognize my “twee” better than you do!!)

Check out “EquatIO – Math made digital”:

Full Tutorial on how to use this, click here.

Feedback is the Game! – Google Classroom

Feedback is the Game! In Google Classroom, so powerful and easy to use. Here is a way to use the Add-ons: Pull Students Paragraph. It was created by Alice Keeler and very easy to follow. Worth checking if you are using Google Classroom and do give feedback on a student working in Google Doc.

Can Responses – Google Extension

You are marking and keep writing a comment over and over and over… Or, you would like to have pre-populated comments and with just a few click it is in the paper (digital that is!)

Have you heard or seen the Permanent Clipboard Extension for Google?!
Click here to install the extension. Then see how to use it here.

Sign Out Chromebook – Made easy!

You use Chromebook in your class (awesome!) but find that having students sign the book takes a long time. You lose precious time for your “awesome” lesson plan? Well here is a quick and very easy way to keep track of the Chromebook and Headphones (if provided with the cart). Here is the link to the Google Form and yes, it will ask you to make a copy first! Then, three simple question which, only one his requested and it does collect their email automatically! Now, as a teacher, you must check while the student is working(same as if you used the book), if everyone did fill the form. Simple, look how many Chromebook is out of the cart then check your responses number in the Google Form and they should match! If you want to and maybe recommended to collect the responses in a spreadsheet. 

You just need to click on the Responses in the Google Form and then click on the Green little icon. Select the first option – Create a new spreadsheet. That will be easy to track!
Chromebooks - Headphones - Google Forms 
Then share the Google Form with your students. The easiest way is to use Google Classroom and make a post in the Stream or use the About tab for a permanent place and easy for the students to find!
Chromebooks - Headphones - Google Forms

Sharing – Good until someone change the original!

Google Drive is the easiest to share your wonderful work with colleagues until they start EDITING your original copy!! So, how to avoid that?

Two ways:
1. Always make a copy of your original and share that one! (NOTE: that will create a lot of copy in your Google Drive)
2. Force the recipient to make their own copy! COOL!
– So normally you would just go to the Share button.
– Or, you would copy and paste the URL of the document like:
– LOOK at the end of that URL = “/edit”, change that to “/copy”
– VOILA, when the recipient gets the link and click on it to open, they will be forced to make their OWN copy 
If you would like to see a short video about it, click here.

Bookmarks – “Real Estate”

How to get better real estate of your bookmarks/favorite bar! Very short video, under 1 minute! Click here.

Google Scan – images

Here is one that will be very useful for anyone!
That App is amazing! I just did a test on one of our Grads class photo of 1948-1949. It took 30 seconds to follow the instruction and then 5 seconds to process! Really impressive. For those who have ever tried to take a photo of a photo, you understand that is crazy fast and no, I didn’t use any special lighting or setup. I place the photo on the floor and did the process that Google Scan was asking.

Google Folders – Emoji

You may have organized your Google Drive by colored folder but take it to the next level with Emoji! First, you will need to install this Google Extension and then head over to this blog post – tutorial! Have fun!

Google Classroom setup

If you are thinking of using Google Classroom for your next semester.

When you create your classes, start with the Block 7, then Block 5, … Because it creates the classes by the last one you entered. So, when you look in your Home, you will have your classes in order of the day.
– My block 7 is Photo 20 – I created that one first.
– My block 5 is Motion Media – I created that one second.
– My block 3 is Photo 10 – I created that one-third
and so on!
NOTE: they haven’t added the sorting yet to Google Classroom. I highly recommend expressing your concerns to Google Classroom by clicking on the “?” at the bottom left. Select, “Send Feedback” and request the option of sorting classes view! They are very active and in the process of creating the UI. So, your feedback will prioritize the most requested first!

Authentic Feedback – Google Form/Quizzes

We now have the possibilities of creating instant notification or instant marked with Google Forms. What about Instant Feedback? Here is a very short video showing how to harness the power of Authentic Feedback with the Google Form and the Quizzes feature activated.

Labels view – Gmail

Some are having issues with viewing all their labels (Folders) in Gmail and most frustrating part for some is going back to your inbox. So check this short video, click here.