MotionMedia 10

Motion Media Intro
Submitting work: use Google Classroom. Quick video on how to submit your work.

PAUSE MOMENT! – in my classes, this is what you will practice while using Google +click here and make sure to view that

presentation in Full Screen Mode. Just look at the top right hand side and click on the triangle Presentation and select Present from beginning. 

  • NEW – How to import video in Adobe Premier and sample Edits (B-rolls), click here.
  • NEW – How to export video in Adobe Premier (H.264), click here.
  • NEW – How to upload and share your video in Google Classroom, click here.
  • How to submit video filesclick here.
  • How to Encode projects in Adobe Premier Proclick here.
  • How to Encode projects in Adobe After Effects, click here.
  • How to Organize and Share your folders, click here.

Sign Out/In equipment sheet, click here.

Check the Documents for great links added for resources.

STEP 1: Activate your Red Deer Public Google Account
STEP 2: After completing the previous step, that is creating your Google Account. Please fill this form, click here.

Lab Rules:

YouTube Video

STEP 3: Google+ Community – Private and only for our class. Just click on the link and ask to be part of the community.
STEP 4: Creating your folders in your Google Drive. Click here for the video.

Work Ethic and Video Rubric, click here.

Course Outline  click here.


Assignment #1 – Research on Elements and Principles of Design, click here.

Assignment #2 – Using the knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Design, create a POSTER, click here.

Assignment #3 – Stop Motion, click here.


Research – What are the best portfolio web site and what you should include. Remember, the first impression is very important. So, making it look professional should what you strive for in this section.

Here are a few samples of website/portfolio: 80 Inspiration200 portfolio.

– Why should students start a blog, by George Couros.

Assignment #4 – Web site. – click here, NEW, just added all the details of what should be included in your web site and below you can find all the videos on how to create a Google site. You may use Adobe Dreamweaver. Wix – Free Website Builder.



Sample of animation Walkout from Tangle.

Learning about the UI – User Interface, you can see the quick overview here.
Some resources links for presentation:
Animation Mentore Students Showcase 2017
12 principles of animation – plus a playlist showing more.
Tangled animation process – from drawings to final scene.
KEYS Points of 3DSMAX – click here.
Assignment #5 – Room
Assignment #6 – Mr. Jiggle

Assignment #7 – 30 seconds animation


For learning how to make movies, presentation. Please review in full screen mode. Just click on the button, top right, “Presentation”. History of Soviet FilmMaking.
  • Using your smartphone, iPod Touch, here is Youtube Capture and a few more tools.
  • WeVideo is free on smartphone and Google Chrome.
Assignment #8 – Kinetic Typography, click here.
Assignment #9 – Directors Crash Courseclick here.
Assignment #10 – Interview, click here.
Assignment #10.5 – Documentary (2 to 4 minutes) More to come


Assignment #11 – Commercial/Video Impact, click here.

Assignment #12 – Commercial Script and Storyboards, click here.

Assignment #13 – Editing your commercial, click here.


YouTube Creator – full fledge course about YouTube.
YouTube Community on Google+. You may have to login to your Google Account in order to have access.
YouTube resources from Denis Labelle. Again, you might have to login in GA.
YouTube course on pdf format. You will have to download it and maybe upload it to your Drive. If you want to have access to it from anywhere.