Photo 20 – Intermediate

Camera Sign Out Form.  (How To videos)

Submitting work: use Google Classroom. Quick video on how to submit your work.
Work Ethic and Photography Rubric, click here.

Course Outlineclick here Workflow – Introduction – Expectations

Quick survey, click here.

Drive File Stream new-labelTutorials:

1 – Drive File Stream Folder SETUP

2 – Adobe Lightroom Catalog SETUP

3 – Download and Import photos (daily task) PROCESS

4 – Import and Old catalog into the new one PROCESS

Booking the studio – click here.

How to fold the Speedlight softbox and mount the flash.

Module 1 – COM2215 – Photography Communication – Assignment.
    – Lobster Book, click here.
    – Lobster How they did it, click here.
Module 2 – COM2235 – Photography Lenses, Resources (from Photo 10 Module 3) just for checking. Assignment –  click here.
Module 3 – COM2285 – Client Services 1, the Assignment 2 is within the Client Services 1! Just scroll down to see it.
Module 4 – COM2910 – Project B How to videos: Editing your photos in Lr and Ps. click here for the playlist.
Module 5 – COM3205 – Photography Lighting, Booking the studio – click here.