Why? Need consequences for…

Just read an article about a different approach but looking for the same results! “Making Failure Harder Work Than Passing” by Angela Campbell. Great strategy for some students. But, as awesome as it sounds the picture is more often:Many students will avoid working hard in a class that they see as challenging because of the risk involved. If they work hard and fail, they_ve proven their inadequacy. But if they don

A question that I ask often to my students. Why do you need an “if-then” for every project we are doing? I’m asking that they show me the skills needed and they usually have an open door to how they’re going to accomplish the skills required. Then again some students choose to have me reminding them of finishing the projects.

The big difference in my case is the classes. Angela his teaching Chemistry and Physics and I’m teaching option classes. Where they can show their creative side or develop their creative bone! For those who went to school during the era of either Academic or Trades. Imagine you would have a class worth 5 credits but you are required to learn and practice your photography skills! I know hey! No need to study for hours about scientific names that are very hard to spell or you will never use in your life! Who in the world doesn’t take photos today? But, yet, it is an eye-opening to see how many students are reluctant to “redo” an assignment to get better at a skill/s. Which brings me the famous Ted Talk from Sir Ken Robinson: “Do schools kill creativity?” in some part yes I agree but I would say that students are not ready to be “creative”! More on this in a future post.

Back to the previous article to create a Map of Success! That is very interesting and will attempt to create some for my next semester.

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