School vs Learning? #IMMOOC1

SchoolvsLearningByGeorgeCourosGreat Analogy and thought provocative! Great question to reflect on and one that I’m trying to solve. But, I would ask, are North American Students ready to “Learn” like the “Learning” side? Or, are they groove to be consumers? Or, maybe and just maybe learning isn’t something interesting enough for them in order to trigger those profound questioning, passions, creativity, …

Let me share my experience with the philosophy of “Learning”. I have been trying this for several years now. I have try so many different versions of having students do the “Learning”! Do the inquiry in my “creative” classes. Like; photography, motion media, animation and cinematography. Still today, I have yet to see a student start with a questions! They are ready to go and take pictures but to learn about how to become a great photographer that is irrelevant for most of them. You would think or more you would like to think that students would jump all over the opportunity to learn what they want. But, it rarely happen. I call it the “credits” effect! Students think: “I’m here to have 100 credits and go on with my life!” So, as @JMcKeanK12 put it last week in his blog: “If you don’t drive the bus, I will“! I have found that in order to resolve this mentality, I stand and deliver and try provoke  their mind/creativity side!

Note: forgot to include my vlogs and the my blog post for last week! Not good for a tech guy! Good thing that we have YouTube live tonight.

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