MotionMedia 20

Video Intermediate
Submitting work: use Google Classroom. Quick video on how to submit your work.

PAUSE MOMENT! – in my classes, this is what you will practice while using Google +click here and make sure to view that presentation in Full Screen Mode. Just look at the top right hand side and click on the triangle Presentation and select Present from beginning. 

  • How to submit video filesclick here.
  • How to Encode projects in Adobe Premier Proclick here.
  • How to Encode projects in Adobe After Effects, click here.
  • How to Organize and Share your folders, click here.

Sign Out/In equipment sheet, click here.

Check the Documents for great links added for resources.

Lab Rules:

YouTube Video


Work Ethic and Video Rubric, click here.

Course Outlineclick here.

Check the Documents for great links added for resources.

Assignment #1 – Storyboard, click here.            NEW: Video Reaction to this, click here.
Assignment #2 – Director’s Crash Course, click here.
Assignement #3 – Profile, click here.
Assignment #4 – Commercial, click here.

Assignment #5 – Interview, click here.Resource, Richard Harrington, How to Get a Great Video Interview. click here.


Assignment #6 – Personal Project, click here. Green Screen , tutorials from Videomaker, click here. Don’t have a Green Screen, check these tutorials.


Assignment #7 – Tutorial on special effects, click here.
Below are links to site with special effects tutorials:
Tyson Ibele – check the Gallary, click here.
Video Copilot – awesome resource, click here.Video School – great resources for projects and special effects. Lots of tutorials and behind the scene, click here.To record your screen for the tutorial, here is a FREE and Online, “Screencast-O-matic”, click here. That is what I use to create my video tutorials. Also web base and free, “Screenr”, click here

Adobe Premiere Color Correcting tutorials.
Assignment #8 – Venture Plan, click here.
Assignment #9 – Freelance video of your life! click here.

Work Ethic and Video Rubric, click here.

How to sync Audio within Adobe Premier Pro:

Sync Audio – Adobe Premier Pro

In case the video above doesn’t work, click here.