Why or What is Innovation?

InnovationSo week 2 of #IMMOOC and we have some great prompts to discuss. This week, I would like to vlog about: “What are some examples that you consider innovative?” or Why even innovate?

First, I have read a few great blogs post about this topic of “Innovation” and sure makes you think as a teacher. Like this question from Kristen’s Korner blog post for this week: “Those of us in education would like to to think that we are always open to trying new things but are we really?” We are, as long as we agree or if it fits my comfort level for trying that “new” thing!

Then the post from freerangelibrarian about “Why Innovate?” I like how he started his blog with all the “Why” and a quick answer! Like: “Why get busy with the work of innovation? To engage our students.” Absolutely right that I innovate to engage them because if they are, the concept will stick better. That is what I hope anyways.

Innovation Mindset in Elementary Math” by #NERDYMATHTEACHER had a particular reason to get his master degree! Great points about the “New” math and how people from outside think or try to dictate how we should teach math. What worked in the 1950 may not work in 2017! The students of today are not what they use to be. For one, they have a lot more going on then just playing street hockey every day after school!

Vlog #2



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